Selasa, Mei 25, 2010

Public Transportation in Depok

I think everyone agrees that depok Margonda Road is a vital road Depok but once the source of the problem of transportation. Road load Margonda already very heavy so overwhelmed. As a result traffic jams almost certainly occur during working hours, and went home. If you see along the road Margonda, it will be many node problem, eg its malls and shopping centers, shops, public transport terminals and Depok.
Actually this is the basic issue of Indonesia, like Jakarta, it was also her complicated public transport. Especially for Depok, I see the public transportation (public transportation) is very much the number of its public transportation and the problems it also occurs in almost all major cities in West Java (in Bandung, Bogor, etc).
Optimization efforts must be made of this city transport modes. In other languages to reduce the number of outstanding public transportation according to actual demand, which is currently very much in number either in circulation or a stop at the terminal (legal or illegal). This is not easy, considering that his driver is a source of jobs. At least starting from his disciplined public transportation is not feasible, and permit the extension of route tightened. The same is done by Palembang or Jogjakarta city bus in overcoming his problems, to turn it into a mode of trans-city buses.
In other transportation, electric train (KRL) is probably the main reason many people choose to live in Depok. But lately, even this KRL already overwhelmed with the explosion of passengers in economy class let alone express it. One solution that sounded Depok City Government wants to do is buy a local administration that serves the special KRL Depok-Jakarta route. Despite the special designation for the citizens of KRL Depok or general, this solution is the same thing that made her the model number of local government cooperation in Papua with Merpati Airlines. No other and not as a means of easy access to citizens elsewhere, so be an attraction that can invite guests or investors to the city.
In addition, a very strategic thing to be possessed of Depok is airport transportation. All cities around Jakarta Airport already has a transport mode, and Depok only one who does not exist. This mode is very strategic not only help the mobility of citizens Depok, as well as easy access to Depok to guests or visitors to remember Depok became a student in the satellite city of Jakarta. If the company Damri assess this mode is less profitable, so the scheme can be made in cooperation with his government of cooperation Depok like things KRL above.

Selasa, Mei 11, 2010

complaint letter

Dear Sir Pirani,

Unfortunately, your company has not performed well and given negative impact for our environment because your principal drainage canal of waste is improper. We as vice of Neighborhood Association IV are disappointed as it does not work properly, water contamination and air contamination happened, and make road damaged.
There are many proofs that we get, like many people have suffered itch, the water contaminated by waste, the air contaminated by smoke and many damaged public tools. It makes our environment bad.
In solving the problem, we would ask your company pay charge of these damages. The indemnification can be cash money, health society insurance, and fixing our environment. fixing principal drainage canal of waste. If you would like to be more convenient with it, we are looking forward to waiting your checking back these facts.
We are looking forward to waiting your reply and resolution to our problem, and we will wait until two weeks after you receiving this complaint, before seeking help from police department and health association. Please contact us the above address or by phone.