Kamis, Februari 18, 2010

Baby Shower

A ceremony held before a childbirth is also common in some parts of Indonesia. In Java, when a woman is seven months pregnant, her family holds a simple ceremony, wishing her an easy delivery and a healthy baby. During the ceremony, she changes clothes seven times. If she lokks good every time, then the baby will be a girl. If she doesn't look good, for sure she will have a baby boy.
Thirty five days after the birth of the child, another ceremony takes place. The cutting of the baby's hair is the most important event at this special ceremony. Although many people in big cities don't perform these ceremony, those with strong traditional ties still look forward to these events.
Foreign visitors are usually enthusiastic about these occasions. Several days ago i took my cousin, Noval, to a circumcision ritual. Noval was very excited about it and asked a lot of questions. I was sorry i couldn't answer all his questions.
Next week i will take him to a friend's wedding. Since the bride is from a Batak family, the ceremony will be a complex one. I am sure Noval will ask a lot of questions again !

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