Jumat, Februari 26, 2010

Fine Dinning

One morning, Ika came to work looking radiant. Her friend Linda wanted to know why she was so happy. Ika told her that last night Denny asked her out to dinner at a very exclusive restaurant. He picked her up at seven and they drove to the restaurant located in one of the high rise buildings in the city.

A doorman in uniform opened the glass door of the restaurant. He smiled and said, “Good evening!” A waiter in black and white seated them at the table in the corner. Ika looked around her. The room, big and beautifully decorated, was nearly full. In the middle of the room was a big flower arrangement on a round glass table. Ika admired the damask table cloth, the fine silverware and the crystal glasses.

Waiters and waitresses moved along silently on the thick carpet, while soft music flowed through the room. The faint sound of people using their silverware and murmurs of conversation gave the room a sophisticated atmosphere.

“Denny ordered for us,” said Ika. “What did you have?” asked Linda. “Well, for appetizers Denny had eggrolls and I had seafood avocado. Denny’s main course was New York steak and I had grilled salmon topped with a light cheese sauce. For dessert we had coffee and crepes filled with blackberries and cream.” “How was the food?” asked Linda. “It was delicious !” sighed Ika. “The dinner must have cost quite a lot,” said Linda. Ika answered, “I am sure it did, because it was such an elegant restaurant.” “What did he mean by that?” asked Linda curiously. Ika gave her a big smile and said, “Well, he proposed to me and I said, ‘yes, yes! Oh, I’m so happy!’ ”

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