Rabu, Maret 24, 2010

a letter to creatures on Earth

Dear Human Being,

Put aside your axe, your hammer, or your rifle, and lend us your ear for a moment. God created us, humans and animals, to live together in harmony on our planet--Earth. He gave us trees, plants, rivers, mountains and many other things for our needs and enjoyment. In all our different forms and characters, we make up everything that sets us apart from other planets.

The only thing is that you, as a human being, were made a little superior to any of us. You were given a little more intelligence and more of just everything else so that you can do more. You, with all the skills given to you, are able to invent tools, erect buildings, and make works of art. In other words, you have the power the rule the word.

You do as you wish : you maim, you kill, you destroy, all in the name of development. But what do you really gain ? What about us animals and our habitats ? You ignore our needs, and are intentionally blind to our fate.

Unlike you, we don’t have the ability to create things. Aside from our instincts, we rely on our bodies alone: our fur, our feathers, our muscles. But just like you, we know the joys and sorrows of living: the taste of freedom and the glory of every new day: the pangs of hunger and the paints of death. We, like you, love our children, and cry when one of them dies.

But even if we are less than what you are, we, too, are creatures of God. We also have the right to live and to have our own place in this word. You can not deny us this right.

We know you need us to survive. Take what you need from us and our environment, but don’t take it all. If you take everything from us, in the end you will have nothing. If you destroy us, you will destroy yourselves. So please, let us be.


Your fellow creatures on Earth

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