Minggu, Februari 21, 2010

Eating in the Cheap

It was almost noon when Rini, a student of Parahiyangan University, got out of class. Tata, a classmate, said, “Rini, how about lunch today ?” “Okay, Udi just told me about the street stall on the corner. They say the food’s good and cheap.” “Let’s go,” Tata answered.

The stall was almost full with diners. Most of them were people from neighboring offices and students. The sound of clinking glasses, spoons and forks, and the murmurs of the diners filled the place. The seats were long benches on both sides of long tables. Seasoning, chili, kerupuk in stoppers, and bananas were on the tables. Except for used bowl, glasses, spoons and forks scattered on some of the tables, the place was relatively clean.

It took Rini and Tata some time to decide what to eat, sice all the foods behind the glass counter looked delicious. “I’d like a small portion of rice, soto ayam, oseng-oseng tempe, and kerupuk, and a glass of lime juice,” Rini said to the server. “I’d like rice, gulai kambing, fried noodles, some lalapan, and a bottle of coke.” Tata said. “Wow, that’s a big lunch.” Rini commented. “Well, I’m really hungry. I didn’t have breakfast this morning,” Tata answered.

“Mmm, Udi was right.” This soto is really yummy.” Rini murmured while enjoying her food. “Gee, this gulai is fantastic !” Tata said taking a spoonful of food.

They were even more surprised when it was time to pay for the food. When they left the stall, they said simultaneously, “Let’s have lunch here again tomorrow.”

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