Sabtu, April 03, 2010

Analyzing a problem

Dear Annie,
I'm a senior high school graduate. Because of financial problems, I chose to work right after I finished school. Luckily for me, through the help of a family member, I was able to get a job at an expedition company. I have been working with the company for two years now. My job is difficult. I have to deliver mail and other documents to almost every part of the city. Heat, rain, dirt, and smoke are all part of my daily life. Sometimes I feel that I'm always on the road and never really get anywhere. I am getting tired and bored with my routine, and I feel like quitting. I don't want to be a courier all my life! Should I try applying for another job? Even if I do, is it possible to get a higher position and better pay with just my high school diploma? Please advise!


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