Sabtu, April 03, 2010

Watch out!

Recent studies have revealed that our approach to life determines the state of our health. Our diet, habits, personality, as well as our environment, are some important factors that can influence our health positively or negatively.

We know that our everyday choice of food is vital to our health. A poor diet of fatty foods such as red meat, dairy products, cakes, biscuits, ice cream and food containing artificial preservatives, like canned food, may cause health problems.

Eating too much can result in obesity. The more overweight a person is the more likely he or she will suffer from illness among others, high blood pressure. People who lead an inactive life and don’t like exercising regularly are also more apt to become obese than those who like to jog, take brisk walks, climb stairs, or even go disco dancing.

Bad habits such as smoking and heavy drinking can also lead to many health problems. A smoker’s chances of developing heart disease are at least twice those of a non-smoker. Smoking can also cause other serious illnesses, especially lung cancer. For those who choose to drink alcohol, a little amount can do no harm. But a person who drinks excessively could be prone to high blood pressure and strokes.

Much worse than smoking and drinking is an addiction to drugs. Since addicts tend to become preoccupied with the daily ritual of obtaining and taking drugs, they often do not take care of themselves and may suffer from depression, malnutrition, infections, and diseases or injuries. Drug addiction can ruin a person’s life, both physically and mentally.

Researchers also say that our personal character can have a significant effect on the way we live. Having an impatient, bad-tempered, or hard-driving personality can generate a lot of stress. On the other hand, a calm, patient nature will lessen the tensions of life.

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